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Agile HR Practitioner


Companies are transforming into agile organizations to adapt change quickly and swiftly to satisfy customers. The importance of Agile emerges from the rapid advancement in technology and the need for companies to grow and to succeed. This means, for employees, the ability to be more agile and adaptable than the ability to master a job or skill. Constant change requires continuous and persistent learning as it can be the only way to adapt. The future is all about collaboration, active partnerships, agility, adaptability, technological skills, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial drive and continuous learning. Now is the time for all processes, people and partnerships to be agile. This highly engaging and interactive training program will be helpful in gaining practical knowledge about Agile HR practices. Attendees will experience agile ways of working and gain a solid understanding of Agile and its impact on and potential for Human Resources.

Course Content

  • What is Agile HR
    • Agile chronicle and discovery
    • Basics of Agile methodologies/frameworks
    • Why Agile is Need of the Hour in today's VUCA world
  • Agile Movement in Human Resources function
    • A Paradigm Shift from Traditional to Agile Human Resources
    • Agile HR Manifesto and Principles
  • The new role of HR in the Agile Enterprise
    • Agile HR Themes
    • Organizing HR around value
  • Delivering value in an iterative, agile way

Who should attend?

  • Senior executives looking for HR training and development programs that build on existing HR skills but are future-oriented.
  • Senior HR Managers responsible for transforming their organizational culture and want to understand how an Agile approach can be helpful.
  • Change agents interested in improving the success of change initiatives in their organization
  • Anyone interested in understanding more about how Agile practices can jump shift their business.

Benefits of Attending

  • Acquire requisite knowledge about Agile and its tools and methodologies to start applying Agile HR to your work.
  • Start developing operational HR models for Agile.
  • ‘Go Agile’ and understand how to respond to VUCA world.
  • Employ agile HR strategies and strategic thinking to respond to changing business needs quickly and swiftly.
  • Challenge current people approach and apply a Agile mindset
  • Develop ability to set up HR for success and deliver value for the agile enterprise
  • Learn how to work with various stakeholders to reach joint objectives.