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Art of Formulating Effective HR policies and Procedures (P&P)


Managing an organization can be a challenging job. The effective policies and procedures of HR influence the realization of organizational goals and objectives. HR policies are the official rules and guidelines developed by companies to hire, educate, assess and motivate their workers whereas HR procedures are the methods employed to embed those policies in daily operations of the organization.
It is the job of HR professionals to make the employees contribute towards achieving the business goals by ensuring that it is managed effectively with HR programs, strategies and policies.
This selective training will provide you a better way of understanding the roles and the purpose of the HR procedures and policies. The course will also help you to understand how HR can formulate into effective HR policies and procedures in order to manage an organization. Moreover, this program will also give an insight about the HR strategic objectives and goals.
With the help of engaging activities, case studies and discussions, the participants would be able to learn how effective policies can be developed and when they can be used in the organization.

Course Content

  • Aims and objective of the HR procedures and policies
    • Introduction about HR Policies/Procedures.
    • Why are HR Policies and Procedures Required?
    • Expressing Values in HR Policies and Procedures.
  • Elements of HR policies
    • Formulating HR Policies.
    • Importance of Statutory Inclusions.
    • Practical Policy Writing Activities.
    • A Partial List of Policies.
    • Contents and Sections of a Policy.
  • HR processes and procedures that can manage human capital
    • Defining Processes and Procedures.
    • Key points in Developing Processes and Procedures.
    • Establish your Process.
    • Developing HR Procedures – Practical Application.
  • Policies and procedures aligning from strategies into ideas
    • P&P as the Cornerstone in Strategizing Human Resources.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for specialists in human resource planning or human resource administration who are directly accountable for developing HR policies and procedures. It is equally beneficial for HR managers who want to improve their knowledge and skills about HR policies and procedures.

Benefits of Attending

  • Identify all HR roles and responsibilities and their contributions to organizational performance.
  • Elaborate the difference between policies, processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge about importance of policies and procedures relating to human resources.
  • Techniques of writing Effective HR policies and procedures