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Transforming HR Data into Business Insight: Advanced HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics


To be a strategic business partner, human resource practitioner must be able to provide and use data driven facts to proactively address employee related issues. HR analytics, also called people analytics, is the quantification of people drivers on business outcomes. HR Metrics and Data driven workforce analytics provides HR with information to help drive strategic business decisions, build fruitful partnerships and becomes a source of competitive advantage, preferably sustainable, for the organization. These HR metrics and workforce analytics can be employed for key performance indicators and interpretation of the organization data. This training program will provide its participants numerous proven strategies that can be adopted to effectively gather data and leverage metrics and analytics in their organizations. They will be able to measure and develop frameworks to address various aspects of implementing HR metrics and workforce analytics, from strategy alignment up to operational measurement of core metrics.

Course Content

  • Why is HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics Important?
  • What is Workforce Analytics?
  • How to Migrate from Business Analytics to Workforce Analytics
  • The Seven Pillars of People Analytics Success
  • People Analytics Framework
  • The Six Key Skills for People Analytics
  • Types of Data
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Different types of Analytics:
    • Workforce Planning Analytics
    • Talent Sourcing Analytics
    • Talent Acquisition Analytics
  • Big Data and People Analytics
  • Future of People Analytics

Who should attend?

  • Every individual who need significant data for decision making, developing organizational program and practices.
  • HR Specialists looking to gain insight into HR Metrics and workforce analytics.
  • HR professionals eager to take the gut feeling out of the equation and start driving more data-driven people decisions.
  • HR professionals who need a greater understanding of the drivers of business performance
  • HR professionals who want to communicate with business leaders around financial metrics

Benefits of Attending

  • Recognize how HR analytics supports business decisions and aligns to company goals.
  • Prepare and plan HR analytics using a systematic approach to collecting, analyzing and interpreting the data
  • Identify HR performance frameworks and measurement systems which are aligned with corporate strategy
  • Differentiate between measures of HR efficiency, effectiveness and impact on business
  • Evaluate your business performance by using HR metrics and workforce analytics.
  • Utilize the HR and Workforce Analytics Model to link human capital results and activities to business performance.
  • Analyze data from an advanced perspective and use analytic techniques based on the business context.
  • Identify ways to benchmark performance and create standards.
  • Develop an action plan to use and communicate metrics to your business for performance improvement and/or meeting business objectives.