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Crash course on Advanced Strategic HRM


Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) aligns organizational strategic goals with its human resources. It enables the organization to foster innovation, elevates motivation levels, improves employees’ overall satisfaction, enhances productivity and thus overall performance of the organization. Advanced Strategic HR Management training will help its participant learn about the tools and techniques used in drafting and developing HR strategies. It will also equip them with the requisite knowledge and skillset to translate these strategies into actions. Furthermore, this training will enable its participants to align/link HR strategy with their corporate strategy to pave their way in becoming a true strategic partner in the business.

Course Content

  • Main Cycles in Human Resources (HR) Management
  • Strategic HR Management
    • Situation Analysis
    • HR Visions and Missions
    • HR Strategic Goals
    • Critical Success Factors in HR
  • Measuring Human Resources
    • Measuring HR Strategies: The Main KPIs
    • Human Resources versus Human Capital
    • Return on Human Capital (ROHC) and Cost of Labor (COL)
    • Human Value Added (HVA) and Profit Per Employee (PPE)
    • Employee Morale and Employee Satisfaction Indices
    • HR Scorecards and Dashboards
    • The Balanced Scorecard
  • Employee Turnover
    • Analyzing Turnover: Interpreting the Data
    • Healthy versus Unhealthy Turnover
  • Managing Employee Performance
    • Tangible versus Intangible Appraisal Systems
    • Management by Objectives (MBO) Systems
    • Keys to Success and Failures of Performance Management Systems
  • Diversity Issues for HR Professionals
    • Influencing across cultural differences and global business relationships

Who should attend?

  • Senior executives interested in having greater understanding of current HR trends
  • Senior HR professional interested in enhancing their HR strategy development/execution skills
  • HR functional managers responsible of transforming HRM towards a strategic role in organization

Benefits of Attending

  • Knowledge about Strategic HR Management
  • Develop in-depth understanding about measuring HR Strategies through main KPIs
  • Benefits of HR Scorecards and Dashboards tools
  • Need for redesigning HR functions to support organizational strategy.
  • Appreciating career management opportunities and designing personal development strategies.
  • Sharpening communication and interpersonal management skills.
  • Delivering training criteria and efficiently assessing benefits.
  • Understanding how negative habits can cause conflict in the workplace.