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Agile Leadership Training


Agile leadership is the art of creating an environment where agile teams learn and collaborate with one another, adapt change quickly and swiftly to satisfy its customers. Constant change requires continuous and persistent learning as it can be the only way to adapt. An agile leader in someone who fosters creativity and initiation among his followers and maintains a striking balance between micromanagement and total freedom. Developing and maintaining such an environment requires hard work, perseverance, tenacity and the ability to think in a number of different ways that gives such leaders their agility.
This carefully designed Agile Leadership program will let its participants articulate a compelling vision for their organization to enhance its business value. In today’s world of rapid change, agility is required to realize organizational strategic as well as financial goals. In this training program, participants will apply and facilitate an agile leadership framework, realize their career aspirations, and advance on their organization’s goals. Leading an agile organization can be very challenging and demanding for its leaders. This calls for new ways to think, plan and work. This Agile Leadership ' training will help its participant develop their own leadership and will support their organization on the path to agility.

Course Content

  • What is Agile? And Why Agile?
    • The Agile Manifesto: Values and Principles
  • The Agile Leadership Framework
    • Competencies of an Agile Leader
  • Agile assessment
  • Agile transition
  • Communication, commitment and collaboration
  • Implementing Agile
    • Pitfalls
  • Create a concrete plan
    • How to start the agile transformation of your organization and your teams.

Who should attend?

  • All senior executives willing to support and lead agile transformation in their organization.
  • Board members, senior executives and managers who see value in stimulating agility and are willing to commit themselves to this effort.
  • Anyone whose organization is on the path towards applying agile ways of thinking and working

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn the agile fundamentals
  • Grow your Agile Leadership competencies
  • Know the competencies that characterize Agile Leaders
  • Understand the opportunities of transforming into an agile organization
  • Understand how your organization can move into a more agile environment
  • Create a list of actions to transform into an agile organization
  • ‘Go Agile’ and understand how to respond to VUCA world.