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Action Centered Leadership


The overall aim of this five-day training programme is to give each participant the opportunity to understand the nature and practice of good leadership in such a way as to make them more effective as a leader, a colleague and a team member. In order to achieve this, the course will aim to develop:

  • An awareness of the three areas of overlapping needs present in all working groups: the needs of the common Task, the needs of the Team, and the needs of each Individual team member
  • An understanding of the leadership behaviors required to be an effective leader; the ability to recognize leadership behaviors when they are observed and the capability to determine what leadership behaviors are appropriate in any given situation
  • An opportunity, through assessment and feedback, to develop insights into current skills in order to create a pathway to becoming a more effective leader
  • A clear idea how new leadership skills may be applied in the workplace to improve team performance and deliver exceptional outcomes

Course Content

  • The Role of the Leader
    • The attributes of a Leader
    • Definition of Leadership
    • The differing styles of Leadership
    • Appropriate Leadership styles depending on the situation and the maturity of the tea
  • The Task
    • “Task” Needs
    • Action by the Leader in “Task”
    • Establishing available resources and priorities
    • Allocating resources
    • Maintaining standards in the “Task”
  • The Team
    • Team Maintenance Needs
    • Action by the Leader in “Team”
    • Creating team spirit and cohesion
    • Motivation and Delegation
    • Clarity of communication
    • Team Coaching
  • The Individual
    • “Individual” Needs
    • Action by the Leader in “Individual”
    • Treating each person in the team as an individual
    • Encouraging each person to contribute fully
    • Individual development opportunities and how to address them
    • Recognition of esteem and status
  • Action Planning against the Action Centered Leadership Model

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for mid to senior-level managers with responsibility for the actions of a team or teams – in all sectors of the economy – who wish to improve the performance of their organization, their team, and each individual member of their team.

Benefits of Attending

  • Define leadership, and contrast leadership and management
  • Outline a range of leadership styles and demonstrate your own preferred style
  • Demonstrate a full command of the three areas of overlapping needs that are present in all working groups
  • Successfully use each element of the ACL model as an invaluable blueprint for leadership according to the situation
  • Exemplify the behaviors of an effective leader – nurturing productive individuals and teams with improved quality output