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From Technical Professional to Manager and Leader


The security and profitability of your business will depend on long-term relationships reinforced by customer confidence in the ability of managers and leaders in the supply chain. This requires flexibility, focus, empathy, encouragement and a well-balanced attitude. It also requires good business awareness, creative thinking styles, problem solving skills, emotional intelligence and cultural understanding to guide both yourself and others towards success.

Course Content

  • This course is for technical professionals who want to enhance their market awareness, their personal focus, and gain the necessary skills to achieve recognition and then transition towards high performance management and leadership levels in their business area.
  • In aspiring to advance their personal development in strategy, leadership, management skills, organization and business focus, they will find the key to their success.
  • Each participant will have a chance to ask the key questions that relate to their own personal journey from technical professional to manager and leader in their own organizations and share any issues – one-to-one or in group format.
  • To aid this process, we have included the unique Leadership Charter to enable participants to assess their individual skills to achieve that next management role in their own organization.

Who should attend?

Attendees may include:

  • Technical personnel (such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics professionals)
  • IT professionals
  • Construction personnel (including Mechanical, Electrical, and Maintenance professionals, as well as Architects)
  • Health and Safety professionals
  • Logistics and Operations professionals
  • Quality Technicians and Inspectors
  • Risk professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Professionals working in Utilities, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Energy sectors

Benefits of Attending

  • Focus on inspirational leadership, people management, and human resource development
  • Master effective assertiveness, delegation, and negotiation skills
  • Develop analytical thinking and strategy implementation techniques
  • Gain enthusiasm, a positive mindset, and emotional strength to strive for that next role as a Manager
  • Grasp planning tools, and balance strategy and tactics
  • Learn how to manage relationships and resolve conflict
  • Understand and use the Leadership Charter