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21st Century Methods to Enhance Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness


Personal efficiency and Effectiveness refers to making the best use of your time and resources to out-perform your abilities in the workplace. Gallup polls indicates that only 30 percent of employees are 'engaged' with their company and have effective management practices in place. This training will help employees to understand the difference between being effective and efficient which in turn will help them understand about the importance of their work towards achieving the organizational goals.

Course Content

  • Being a manager
  • Process of Effective/Efficient management
  • Self-management basics
    • Positive Image
    • Personal Excellence
  • Nurturing your management skills (SWOT Analysis)
  • Effective Communicating
    • Successful Communication Essentials
    • Unspoken Communication
  • Delegating and motivating process
  • Individual and team performance (Setting acceptable standards)
  • Taking things forward

Who should attend?

This training is intended for all the individuals interested in learning the latest tools and techniques to be more effective and efficient at their workplace. It is also suitable for persons in need of enhancing their relationships with others and to present clear and positive messages in the workplace, appropriate for corporate communications as well as personal situations.

Benefits of Attending

  • Becomes more effective and efficient at workplace and personal life
  • Evaluate the dynamics of people management
  • Understand manager’s role and responsibilities
  • Assess your management style and adapting it with respect to situations and different personalities
  • Become more comfortable with implementing new practices
  • Learn how to apply motivational techniques